Long Beach Wedding DJ Corporate Events 

When it comes to talking with your DJ for you weeding day. The key points should be what time will you show up and what types music do you play. When finding your DJ of your choice, check his or her social media to see what type of person they are. Ask your DJ for a mix to see if he / she can blend music tracks together to provide you the best services on your big day. DJ Hustle

HustleGrind.com Long Beach Wedding DJ Corporate Events DJ Hustle
HustleGrind.com Long Beach Wedding DJ Corporate Events DJ Hustle

As a DJ its our job to be very prepared for all of our clients to put them at ease when they meet with us. DJ ing is our full time job giving a client a small play list will go a long way. So below is a sample of an playlist for one of our past clients. 

Dinner Playlist
Fiji- Sosefina 
JBoog- Lets Do it Again 
Sammy J- Give it All 
Sean Paul- I’m Still in Love 
Marc E Bassy- You and Me 
Lauryn Hill- Cant Take my Eyes Off of You 
Sammy J- Hey 
TLC- Creep
 Tarrus Riley- Shes Royal 
Michael Jackson- PYT 
Fugees- Killing Me Softly 
Ice Cube- It Was a Good Day
Keyshia Cole- Let it Go 
OutKast- Ms. Jackson 
Selena- I Could Fall in Love 
Selena- Como La Flor 
Christian Nodal- Adios Amor 
Antonio Banderas- Cancion Del Mariachi 
This will be played during the dinner and the first hour or so of the party! I will send the dancing playlist in the next email and songs for special entrances, thank you!  As a DJ our job is to take care of our clients from start to finish.Taking calls texts messages concerns questions no matter how we get we answer them all. This is why our customers keep coming back to us.