Your Special Event Deserves Specialized Monogram Lighting

Adding a personalized touch to your event is as easy as choosing monogram lighting as part of your package. Our projector can project your name, the event date, a special message, your logo, artwork, or just about anything else you want to see in lights.

Pair monogram lighting with a red-carpet experience

One of the most popular services we offer at Hustle Events is a red-carpet experience in which we interview each of your guests as they enter the party or event. Imagine adding this unique experience to the monogram experience, and you’ll have Instagram-worthy photos for everyone.

We can film and photograph your monogram and event

Of course, in addition to the amateur photos that will be posted with your unique hashtag, you also want professional photos. If the event is for your company, these photos can be used for ads or your professional social media accounts. If the event is a wedding, these photos will be essential for your future memories.

We can also add videography and event drone photography. When you work with Hustle Events, you can create your own package that could include lighting, sound, DJ services, and much more. Call us now at (310) 889-5160.

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