Interested in DJ Lessons in SoCal?

Interested in DJ Lessons in SoCal?Who doesn’t want to learn how to do DJ? Next time you’re in the car with your friends, they’ll just hand you over the aux cord, no questions asked. And on top of being a fun skill you can brag about, it’s a convenient thing to add to your resume. It’s sort of like becoming online-certified to officiate weddings –– you simply won’t regret it!

What can DJ Hustle teach you?

This question is so insulting it almost burns –– as one of the best in the game, DJ Hustle has a lot to offer you! Our team has worked with some of the biggest names and companies in the industry, including Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, the Grammy’s, and even the Oscars, just to name a few.

But you’re probably asking about specific skills we can teach you. Well, for one, we can teach you how to read a crowd, which is an integral part to being a DJ. It’s all about matching a mood: if you’re at a low-key event, you want slow, steady music to keep people in good spirits. But if people want to get down and dirty…you gotta know how to give it to them!

We can also teach you how to operate DJ equipment. From microphone and speakers to the famous DJ controller, there are a lot of different devices that make the magic happen, and our team is ready to help you master them all.

Last but not least, we will teach you to curate an event. If you’re working at a religious ceremony, for example, you probably don’t want to be playing music with explicit language. Or, if you’re playing at a graduation party, you want to play the songs kids listen to these days and maybe throw in some classics. Whoever said music taste can’t be taught didn’t know about our services!

Why DJ?

Everyone comes to DJing for a number of different reason, but if there is one thing that unites us is our love for a musical experience. What we mean by that is that we enjoy connecting with other people through music and just having a nice time together. Being a DJ is more than just a job –– it is an art form and a way of living. Come join us.

Why DJ Hustle?

We do it all –– weddings, corporate events, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs… you name it! Our large repertoire of events means we can teach you very versatile skills that will expand your clientele. Give us a call today to learn more about what we have to offer in the Los Angeles area: (310) 889-5160.

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