DJ for your Graduation Party in Newport Beach, CA.

It’s that point of the semester: getting up for your morning class gets harder and harder, reading is impossible, and the end of the semester is so close yet so far. If you’re a senior, the symptoms are even worse –– don’t even get us started on senioritis. A graduation party is exactly the kind of motivation you need, but not just any party will do. You better have a good DJ playing all the hits with a pulse on the crowd. We know a guy in Newport.

Throw a graduation party this summer

Learn to kill two birds with one stone. Throw a graduation party this summer that will also officiate the start of the season –– and hopefully many fun times with your friends. We almost guarantee you it will be the talk of town and everyone will remember it for years to come. After all, graduations don’t happen every year.

Why should you have a DJ at your party?

Some good music will get the party going. Imagine how awkward it would be to have a crowd of people just standing around each other, trying to chit chat, with utter silence in the background. People just want to let loose and allow the music to guide them ater a long school year.

So why can’t you just connect your iPhone to your speakers and play from a Spotify playlist? Is a DJ really necessary? As it turns out, there is more to being a DJ than just playing some cool songs. DJs are experts at managing a crowd and responding to their moods –– playing the right song at the right time with the right edits.

What else can a DJ do for you?

You won’t have to worry about equipment when you hire a DJ. Everything from lighting, photography, and even a red carpet experience can be provided to you. And while you can try to rent such equipment yourself, doing so will end up costing you more than just hiring a DJ who knows what they’re doing and comes prepared. See how Doing is more than just spinning records?

So Who Can You Call?

If you live anywhere Newport Beach, there’s really only one DJ you should call: DJ Hustle. He has been in the business since he was in high school and his true passion shines in the work he does so well. If you don’t believe us, see the great things people have to say about him. Call today: (310) 889-5160.

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