Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a DJ

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a DJThe Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year, marks the beginning of the lunar calendar and ushers a period of joyful celebrations. The holiday invites feasting and the honoring of heavenly deities as well as ancestors. In short, the Lunar New Year is as good an opportunity as any to throw a DJ –– and not only that but also to have DJ Hustle provide entertainment for your event. Let us tell you more.

Lunar New Year Traditions

The Lunar New Year is typically associated with China, but other cultures around the world celebrate it, too. And while traditions vary accordingly, people typically tend to thoroughly cleanse their homes to rid them of bad spirits and energies. The cleaning is also meant to invite good fortune into the home.

In addition, some households hold rituals to offer food and paper icons to ancestors. Elders tend to give out red envelopes containing money as a means of courting financial prosperity. Food is also a central part of the holiday, and it is supposed to stress the concepts of unity, family, and abundance.

In a way, the rituals and traditions practiced on this holiday are intended to set the tone for the upcoming year. What a better opportunity to throw a party?

Our Services

In addition to playing the background music for your event, we are experts in managing crowds and ensuring everyone is enjoying themselves. Our team of professionals also provides substantial logistical support to simplify the planning process and make things easier on your end.

For example, we provide our own equipment so that you don’t have to worry about finding stereos or microphones. We also manage our own lighting and can even create LED video walls. These light installations can be arranged to feature almost anything you want to highlight, such as home videos to watch in the coming years.

We work with you and your preferences in order to create a party that aligns with your vision. You can be as engaged and involved as you want –– down to picking songs or letting us create a playlist based on your preferences. The bottom line is that when you hire Hustle Events, we make your dreams come true.

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