Learn to DJ in SoCal

Learn to DJ in SoCalIt’s never too late to pick up a new hobby, and what a better pastime than learning how to spin a DJ controller? Here at DJ Hustle, our team of trained professionals is ready to teach you all the best tricks in the books –– tricks that will literally have you being the life of the party. Read on to learn more.


There are no pre-requisites to being a DJ. Just ask yourself: do you love parties? Do you love music? If your answers are yes, then that’s all it takes –– some enthusiasm and the right attitude can go a long way. But beware: being a DJ is more than just hitting the shuffle button. You will learn the delicate skills of reading a crowd, operating complex technology, and, most importantly, mastering an exceptional knowledge of music.

What we can teach you

Part of being a DJ is knowing how to have a pulse on the crowd. You have to think about your audience: if you’re playing a low-key event, for example, you likely want to play slow, steady music. On the other hand, if you’re playing some high school party, you want to hit play on those Top 40 hits –– especially the good remixes.

You also have to think on your feet. You have to respond to the crowd’s changing energy –– slow things down or pick up the pace as needed.

We also teach you how to operate the necessary equipment. You’ve probably seen a DJ’s dashboard –– all those buttons and lights can be intimidating at best and confusing at worst. With DJ Hustle, you will learn how to handle every tool at your disposal to create long-lasting memories.

Last but not least, we also teach you how to curate a musical playlist. You will learn about musical genres and plenty, plenty of songs so that you can create spot-on lists of the most appropriate songs for each occasion. When you train to become a DJ, you will grow a music taste that will earn you plenty of compliments.

Get in touch

If you’re ready to begin your training, don’t put off reaching out to us. Primarily based in Newport Beach, our team of instructors has been in the industry for years, and they’ve worked some of the biggest events you can think of. We will work with you to set goals and create a lesson plan that aligns with your vision. Call us today: (310) 889-5160.

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