Hire a DJ for your Church event

Hire a DJ for your Church eventYou just gotta take our word for it: heaven is full of DJs playing all your favorite songs. And we have some even betters news: you can get the party started today! Hustle Events is available to play at your Church events in Newport Beach, California and surrounding areas. Our team will work with you to put together the best event to celebrate your faith and values. Let us tell you more about what we offer.

DJs for your Church event

There are two main services we offer to churches. We can play religious music fit for any Church setting, including funerals, weddings, and baptisms, just to name a few. We can provide our own song recommendations but also take song requests from you –– we want your event to be as much of an experience as possible.

The other service we offer is more of what you likely have in mind. We are available to play at any party or social event you’re organizing –– such as youth group or family events. And don’t worry, our team will make sure our playlist doesn’t have any inappropriate songs in the line-up.

What else can you expect from DJ Hustle?

DJ Hustle creates memorable experiences. As part of our services, DJ Hustle offers videography services, sound and lightning equipment, as well as a LED music wall for your crowd’s entertainment. If you’re feeling adventurous, we also have a red carpet experience that will make your guests feel special.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is the fact that we can bring our own equipment to your event. Forget about purchasing sound systems or installing new lights –– we can take care of it all.

Do you really need a DJ?

Many people overlook the work of DJs. It’s easy to assume there’s very little effort in their craft. How hard can it be to press the play button, right? Wrong! Being a DJ is more than just playing music. We know how to manage a crowd and ensure everyone is having a good time –– the last thing you want is people thinking your event is boring.

Our team is particularly sensitive to your needs and wants. We will be respectful to guarantee that every member of your congregation feels comfortable.

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By now you know enough to know hiring a DJ is a great choice for your next religious event. We have worked with people of all industries for all kinds of events –– rest assured that you are in good hands. Give us a call today to discuss your options: (310) 889-5160.

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