Do you want to organize an exciting party where your guests can not sit still?

Then it is a good idea to book a DJ! A DJ can perfectly engage the audience by making an appropriate music selection based on their response. In recent years, we have taught many DJs for various types of parties. So, if you do not know what to look for when booking a DJ, feel free to read our tips to help you make the best selection for your party.

Tips to consider when hiring a summer time Dj for your party

Book a reputable, experienced DJ

You probably know someone in your area who says he is a DJ and can easily take care of the music at your event. From experience we know that this can end in a big fiasco. Of course, if the DJ is inexperienced or just plays his own favorite songs, it will affect the atmosphere of your party and make sure no one is on the dance floor and guests want to leave as soon as possible. That’s why you’d rather book a professional DJ and see what others say about him. Read the reviews from other customers, visit the DJ website and look at the social networks. Here you can often see pictures and videos of festivals where the DJ was playing. We work only with professional and experienced artists.

Choose a DJ that matches the audience

Opt for a DJ who plays the music that suits the audience and the party. This is the first starting point. Most DJs specialize in a music style, such as 80s, 90s, pop music, lounge, disco or dance classics. Is the audience very diverse? Are there younger and older people at the party? Then just hire a DJ who knows exactly how to combine the different styles of music, such as an all-round DJ.

Meet with the DJ first

Have you found a DJ that seems appropriate for your party? Then make an appointment with him. At a personal meeting, you can explain exactly what you imagine for your party and share ideas together. With the music a party stands and falls, so it is important that the DJ does his job well and acts on the audience. If necessary, attend a party where he hangs up so you can see how the DJ affects the guests and whether they can inspire them.

Check the material

The DJ can only deliver a good show if he has the right equipment, such as light, sound, equipment and DJ furniture. Make sure that is regulated. However, most DJs have their own equipment, or you can be careful when booking to select a DJ including lights, sound and other devices. If the DJ has no equipment, the booking agency can arrange this for you. However, this often causes stress and requires regulation.

Note the size of the show

Some DJs have only a small amount of equipment, others come with a truck full of equipment. An artist with a lot of equipment can, of course, deliver a more extensive show, but this can take longer to assemble and disassemble. Here you have to plan extra time. A DJ with only one console can be a little more practical, but has a more unprofessional look. It’s best to choose the middle, because building a show does not take too long and has the right look.

Make clear price agreements

There are many different types of DJs and also different price categories. It is possible to book a DJ for a whole night for 500 Euro and just as well it is possible that one or two hours cost 1000 Euro. Of course this depends on the type of party and your budget, for which DJ you choose which price category. For most celebrations, such as a corporate party, a wedding, or a birthday party, a “hobby DJ” is often the best option. An amount between 450 and 850 is then a real price. Usually this includes standard equipment.

The price of a DJ show depends on the travel time, the number of hours, the equipment and the setup time. There are DJs who charge a separate price for everything, which can lead to an unpleasant financial surprise. Therefore, make clear price agreements about the show in advance! Evenses works with a flat rate. This is a price for the complete DJ show.

Book a DJ through an agency

Of course it can happen that the DJ calls at the last minute and jumps off, because he is ill, for example. Make sure a replacement DJ is available, as most DJs do not offer this option. Our agency has an extensive network of good, experienced musicians and DJs. If the booked artist unexpectedly cancel, we will arrange a replacement DJ immediately. In this way, we always guarantee a successful party.

Book on time

Do not wait too long to book a DJ. With many parties and events taking place in the spring and summer months, many DJs have a busy schedule. Prevent your favorite DJ on the day of your party is busy and book on time. In this way you also have more security.

Check the location

Inform the landlord of your venue that there will be a DJ at your party and find out the noise limit to counter any complaints. Also check where the equipment and equipment can be loaded and unloaded.

Create a list of favorite songs

Of course, the DJ can not know which songs you and your guests love. Make a list of songs in advance that you definitely want to hear at your party. This can be done on paper or online via a playlist.

Think about additional options

  • Did you know that there are many additional options when booking a DJ? Depending on the nature and budget of the party, there are many ways to make the show more exciting. For example, you might consider the following: 
  • DJ with a singer
  • DJ and a band
  • DJ with a musician like saxophonist, guitarist or trumpeter
  • DJ VJ show
  • A lit dance floor
  • A mobile DJ

Go through everything again

Have you booked a DJ and the party is approaching? Then discuss your wishes or your desired playlist once or two weeks before the party with him. So you can make sure that the DJ delivers a great show and enjoy it relaxed.DJ Hustle